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About Us

Andrew Ross

Plant Health & Lawn Care Specialist/

Tree Care Specialist

Andrew has a vast knowledge of landscape, construction, heavy equipment and rigging procedures. For the last 30+ years, he has dedicated himself to the preservation of trees, ornamentals and all turfgrass species. He is highly experienced in cutting edge treatments and procedures to control insects and diseases in a residential setting, as well as in nature.

Andrew is licensed & charter license with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to apply and handle pesticides and his tree, shrub, ornamental, insect and pest identification and I.P.M solution processes for Mid-South Horticultural Services are highly accredited and have a high success rate.

Mid-South Horticultural Services is dedicated to superior service.

We are here to help you with all of your tree, plant and turf care needs!

Ryan Ross

Plant Health Care Technician

Ryan Ross has been in the industry for 3 years actively following the footsteps of his father.

He is dedicated to providing the best service possible and excelling at every aspect of plant and tree care. He is currently studying to become a certified arborist.

Samantha Sarsilmaz

Supervisor/Sales/Office Manager

Samantha's  specialties are ornamental tree and shrub care, seasonal annuals and perennials.

Her dedication to service and bringing the level of quality that she and her team bring to the Mid-South in all things horticulture is the driving force behind Mid-South Horticultural Services.

Taking great care of customers lawns, shrubs, ornamental trees and large trees safely and effectively, so they can enjoy their piece of outdoors in beauty is a huge passion of hers. 

Also a huge animal lover & spends her free time in the outdoors.

Pamela Sneed

Office Assistant

Pamela is an avid lifelong gardener and has been in the pool and landscape industry for 45 years. She is a dedicated grandmother and and animal lover.

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